Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Just a picture or two...

Just a couple pictures of the new babies. All three of them are just happy to be here. Actually, I think they would be happy to be anywhere. The larger does are still a little subdued, but it is hard to garner a lot of attention when you have to compete with a trio of happy little weanlings, so they have only had some Bovi Sera to boost their immune system and we are transitioning their food, but most of our attention is on the little girls. Of course, the weather has been unseasonably cool and very rainy and damp since they arrived, but we always seem to bring home goats in the rain. Amazing how that works, since we had been without rain for weeks. The doelings are settling in well. The larger two - brown and black, are the Iron Horse/Purdy cross kids, so they are heavily Tasman Zorro. The smaller doeling is also by Iron Horse and out a daughter of Nick and Tasman Temptress, so she has more in common with Boomer.

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