Saturday, May 15, 2010

Best of the Midwest Sale

Well, Chuck is on the way back home (accompanied by our nephew who went along to assist and spend a little time in St. Louis) with our five new does. We only bought two at the actual sale, and were having two doelings delivered there from Goat Hill, and they had brought one of the other Purdy doelings with them in error, and since they aren't going to make any more of Purdy's kids (she died this spring), we bought her too. Overall, I am happy with what we are bringing home. I wish we had more space and money and time, because I would have loved to have gotten some of the older does being offered from the original Kiko bloodlines, but such was not to be.

I had metioned in an earlier post that I wanted a Purdy doeling (the Purdy/Iron Horse cross has seemed to be a good one from performance testing in the past). Well now I have two. I hope these two doelings prove to be good framed does, good mothers, and complement Boomer. I guess we may have a better idea this time next year.

The other doeling brought to us at the sale is sired by Iron Horse and out of a daughter of Nick and Tasman Temptress. Dr. Sparks had mentioned her to us, so we decided to give her a try. I like Sports Kat, and he is out of Tasman Temptress (I believe), so maybe we'll see if some of the Sports Kat hip came from her. She's a smaller doeling than the Purdy kids, so maybe she will need an extra year to grow before she is bred, but we'll know more after she is here a while. I would like to have some very maternal does that last a really long time. Of course, only time will tell about that. Chuck didn't get a picture of her, so we will have to wait until she gets home.

I had very much wanted another Goat Hill doeling from 2009, GHK Y145. She is by Iron Horse and out of a full sister to Titan. I liked her mother very much on the Herd Mother page on Goat Hill's web site, so I told Chuck that if we could get her, I thought it would be a good idea. She is a nice bodied doe, and deep, and long, so I have very high hopes for her future kids with Boomer, but of course, I cannot count my chickens before they hatch. I can still hope, however.

The other doeling we bid on is a sister to a doe that sold for a pretty penny at last year's AKGA sale (okay, I read a lot - I get to the point I recognize goats from sale to sale). She is by Boulder Hills S77 and out of JFK Tranquility. I liked the looks of her sister last year, and really the looks (and butts) of most of the Boulder Hills S77 kids, so hopefully she will turn out nicely and again, be a good complement for Boomer. We are trying him on tall framey does, and stockier, more muscle bound does, and we should know after a crop or two what makes the best kids. It's all a learning experience.

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