Saturday, May 22, 2010

Here are a couple of pictures of the two older does we bought - both born in April of 2009. The red doe in the middle of the two new ones is miss Louisianna, who believes she is the center of the universe. We purchased her from Goat Hill late last year and Chuck picked her up with the Boulder Hills does we purchased bred to Wild Bill (son of Terminator XX). Louisianna is by Iron Horse and out of Tay W48, a daughter of Goldmine I and a Generator daughter. The two new does are, on the left, DSW W3 Jesse, who is by Boulder Hills S77 and out of JFK Tranquility and on the right is GHK Y 145, also by Iron Horse and out of MGR Lightin's Lady P21, by Sunboy Waco 139 and out of Victoria Farm Puddin. I normally keep new goats to the farm in their own area at our house for a much longer time, but these does came in acting strong, and we needed an area to put the weanling bucks, so we did put these girls together. Louisianna is enjoying being able to mash someone around, since the Mama goat she was previously kept with was definitely dominant to her.

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