Thursday, May 9, 2013

Where's Chip-do

It has been a strange spring.  We found an unexpected consequence of kidding extra early: if spring comes late, nobody much grows because there's nothing to eat!  Finally, the kids are growing because they finally have some forage.  I can't remember many Mays where it has been so chilly, to be honest.  It has at least been wet, though, and the continued showers are not only bringing flowers, but taller and taller grass.  Chuck opened the gate to allow the goats to mow some of the bottom field although we wanted to wait and use it for weaning.  We couldn't find the time between family and work obligations, and we didn't want the forage quality to tank completely.  Chuck took this picture before he let goats in the bottom field.  It is our version of "Where's Waldo," except we're looking for Chip.  Annalee went to school the next day covered in stinging little grass cuts and whining, but she was reading Little House on the Prairie, so her teacher thought it was quite appropriate and even hummed the TV series theme song for her.  Annalee remained unconvinced...

You can find him if you look reaalllly close.  He was walking, if that tells you about the height of the grass.  The goats are loving it.  Chuck assumes they are okay, but there are some he can't find, so we'll know more when they mow it down a bit. 

We are coming up on EOC tests at school, so the pressure is on.  I vow to update the "for sale" part of the website as soon as school is over, but right now, I have a long evening ahead of me.  I am still grading last week's tests and I have to create new ones, too.  I must relate that we are reading and watching To Kill A Mockingbird right now, and the magic created by that book never ceases to amaze me.  The most die-hard "I don't care" kid fights right alongside Atticus, and is heartbroken when Tom Robinson is convicted.  They all can't wait to finally see Boo Radley, and the message of the movie - don't judge anyone until you've seen the world from their eyes - sticks with them at least a little bit.  I am pretty lucky to be in a spot where I can reread such a gift of novel every few months!

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