Monday, April 22, 2013

A few pictures to show that Spring has sprung. Finally.

What a difference just a little warm weather can make!  We had a really warm week with a little rain, followed by a bit of a chill, but overall, spring is here.  I just had to post a picture of the difference in the bottom field.  We'll be weaning and moving goats likely this weekend.  There is a blend of grasses and legumes, and what I think is my chicory or the rape coming up.  I'm not sure which.  I need to get better at plant identification.  We also need to lime the front areas to get some better stuff growing.  My aunt has always told me that broomstraw is a natural pH monitor - when the broomstraw grows, you know you need some lime.
The bottom field, April 4, 2013

The bottom field April 21, 2013.  It's about time.  Note the blond heads.

Some grass, clover, and alfalfa.

Even the top field is starting to catch up with the goats.

My favorite Boomer buckling this season - out of a Tay Onyx granddaughter.

One of my favorite Shaw bucklings this season - out of an Iron Horse daughter (and Tasman Temptress granddaughter)

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