Thursday, February 2, 2012

Two more in the daylight.

I can't continue in my "who is going to kid next" routine because the two does that kidded today were in the lower field, and I haven't posted pictures of their progress. Two days ago we noticed that "50" had a very taut udder, and had what appeared to be a drop of colostrum or wax plug on the end of one teat. She is one of the does that was in to be a guinea pig with our young buck, "G." Although he is quite young, we test bred him to four does - two at a time. During the first period, "50" was one of his ladies. Today when Chuck got to the farm (I think sometimes he feels like the "time to make the donuts" guy on the commercials, who met himself coming and going) he had a surprise - one white doeling being paraded proudly around by "50." We had expected twins, as she twinned last year, but it is what it is, and this is the first kid to hit the ground by "G." So far, so good. We can't make any real determinations about what he is going to throw until we see a few more, and out of different types of does.

He had not been at the farm long when Piper, Ace's full sister, who we knew to be due today (exactly 150 days from her being bred), began to circle around "50" and her doeling, hollering loudly as she circled. "50" showed a lack of appreciation for this, and gave her a good whack periodically as she circled. Eventually, Piper stopped in mid circle and started to deliver. Her first kid came and Chuck said it seemed to be a long time later before her second kid arrived, but before long she had introduced her buck and doe kids by Boomer into the world. They favor her, and they look much like her kid from last year, also by Boomer.

Lastly, here are UPS's kids by Ace. Ace throws some unusual looking kids, at least in the color department. They are good kids, and grow well and are strong, but when they inherit his coloration - let's just say they aren't going to win a lot of beauty contests. I supposed that is just as well in a meat goat, because really, color should be the least of our concern. Still, sometimes you look at some kids and just kinda shake your head...

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