Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Spot the kidder

Just a quick update. Finally, one of the does has seen fit to grace us with a set of kids. Now, I am putting the picture back up of the group of does I had posted in my last entry. Of the three does in the foreground, can you guess which one was the first to kid out? Us, neither.

The correct answer is the doe on the left in the foreground (next to the brown doe). Looking back to last year, Jessie had surprised us then, too. She did not seem to have loose ligaments nor to have had her sides drop significantly last year, either, when we drove up and found her with two bucklings. This year, she has had two doelings. Last year, Marshmallow tried to steal them from her, and this year, Bo acted like he wanted one to be his (he tried to clean it and it was trying to nurse him). So far, so good. We will have to watch Bo to make sure he doesn't get carried away with himself as the next few does kid. Wonder who will be next? Any guesses?

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