Sunday, February 27, 2011

We had a beautiful day down here in NC, until, of course, we started vaccinating and weighing kids. They were due either their first or second rounds of CD&T, and Chuck was trying a new method of goat holding involving one of those reusable grocery bags. It worked okay for the first few kids but rapidly got less satisfactory after the bag started to come apart. They just aren't made to hold thirty pounds of something that doesn't want to be in there. So far, Fifty's kids are leading the way for total weight. The funniest thing today was weighing the brown buck that entered the world at 13 lbs. Today, at just one day shy of 30 days, he weighed in at 30.5 lbs. He thinks he's a herdsire already. I'm thinking he might be in for an earlier weaning than he would have had otherwise.

We had the shoot and weigh assembly line going pretty well when the rains came in heavy, so we all ended up wet and slightly chilled before we left. The human kids had a great time running around in the rain. The grown ups, well... not so much. The rain itself was a welcome sight. With the warmer weather, we hope it means the grass will continue greening and growing. Chuck had scattered a leftover random bag of pasture fertilizer in a diagonal path across the field, and judging from the difference in that swath, I believe he will be putting out some more on the new top field so it is ready for the yearling does in a couple months when the ones that "took" start kidding out.

Here's a random shot or two of the grown does with kids or preparing to kid that we just moved to the new farm. They seem to like their new digs.

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