Thursday, February 17, 2011

Just a couple of recent pictures of the kids on the Knight Place. Chuck needs to get some new pictures of the kids from down at the old farm, but just hasn't made it that far. The little whitish doeling has some catching up to do with the kids she's in with, as she was born a couple of weeks later. The doe that ultrasounded with twins must have lost one at some point since the sale, but we've been pretty lucky transporting bred does so I can't complain too much. We got a lesson in udder edema from this doe - but now that the kid has nursed for several days at least the side the kid likes is looking better. She could have used another kid on the other side, but Chuck milked her down and gave her some relief for a few days, and now it looks like her udder is getting back down to a normal size. Thankfully, her milk was always clean and healthy through the whole thing. Last year we underfed the does a little, and I think Chuck went a little far on the opposite end of the scale with the does we had in quarantine this year. He fed about the same as the does back on the other farm got, but the does in quarantine are in a small flat area and the old does are in a large hilly area. They get a lot more exercise. Hopefully by next year we'll have it just right, or even better, not need to feed as much because the goats have forage available.

Here are the two buck kids in the quarantine area. The brown buck was trying to breed poor Speckles as she was trying to kid out. He spent the rest of the afternoon on a leash and she got to kid out in peace. He is still just huge. The black twins are growing well, too. The buck kid goes head to head with the brown buck and is still smaller, although they were born the same day. Thier older sister has been moved down with the other yearling does. She looks like a little angus cow. I hope these two are as solid bodied as she is. We might keep this doeling, and we might offer her up for sale. It will depend on what our bred yearlings present us with in a few months.

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