Thursday, April 22, 2010

Well, last night when I was feeding goats I noticed Indy was a little more friendly than usual, and she wanted to stand and eat out of the bucket instead of the feeder with all the other goats. I indulged her, as I remember how uncomfortable the end of pregnancy was. "34's" kids are still doing well and she is indeed mightily maternal, so we are happy about that. I noticed Indy's rump was starting to sink a bit, but she is still a week and a half away from when we thought she was bred, so I just went along my way. Today was the first day Chuck has been back to go take care of the goats in almost two weeks, and when he fed tonight, he noticed Indy's absence at the feeder. As he poured the feed, he could hear her "blaaah" from nearby. He went around the shed to locate her, and came upon this scene:

Now, we did expose her to Boomer about a week prior to when we thought she caught, but we thought we missed her cycle, and she appeared to short cycle about a week and a half later. This doeling has stood and sucked, so maybe we didn't miss the first cycle after all. I know there is a five day window outside the 150 days, but I hope this kid is not as early as we thought at first. We will watch her and hope for the best. Chuck will be checking back in on her tonight. Boomer is sure throwing a lot of little black or black and white kids. Surprise, surprise.

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