Tuesday, April 13, 2010

just a quick few pictures

Word of warning - these pictures were taken on zoom from my phone, so please forgive the poor quality. It was all I had on hand, and I was spending some time checking on the yearling field.

Just a brief update on "34" and her kids - she is taking good care of them and they are doing fine. I think she is living up to her sire's reputation for making highly maternal does.

Indy, the young Iron Horse/Blue'sSonTayW27doe cross is starting just a little bit of an udder, and I expect a single out of her, which is fine first time around. She is a little friendlier than some of the others, and although I get tired of goats climbing up my back, I do relish a goat you can give a shot and it still comes back for more the next day... call me crazy...

We had a goat in that field acting like something was stuck in her mouth for a couple days, although we could find nothing, and she got a knot on her jaw almost like an abscessed tooth. The vet was out and said whatever it was is over with - maybe something sharp stuck her inside of her mouth - but she is on penicillen for a week. Now that's a good time - giving a goat penicillen. And she is not easy to catch, or hold, and of course getting less so with each injection. I'd about rather give any shot than penicillen. I'm sore afraid of anaphylactic shock from years of having horses and hearing horror stories. It is like injecting glue, too. She is a yearling doe that is a triplet daughter of Hammer and short legged but deep bodied, and she was none worse for wear after her shot because that is her white head poking up out of the top of the hay feeder. We've got to get some sides on that thing. This was Chuck's first hay feeder, and he's improved a lot on his design since then.

Boomer, our yearling herd sire, is still growing, and so far his kids are turning out well. He still hasn't needed deworming, so I hope that continues, but of course, only time and more generations will tell us the true worth of his kids. I still like the way he's put together, but I may just be biased to like a big hip from all that horse judging back in the eighties.

The only goat in this field who has been left out is Connie, so I might as well include her. She is another NZ doe, by a son of Dale. She just came a year this month, so is a little behind the rest, but hopefully will make nice kids when she is a bit older. She tries to blend in and go unnoticed as much as possible.

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