Sunday, June 24, 2012

I never get tired of this...

But I'm sure Chuck does.  I am quite convinced this is the perfect way to keep goats, save for the labor involved.  We have the Perry sale group of does in quarantine down at the bottom end of the farm in a 16' by 16' pen made of goat panels.  We tend to quarantine a pretty long time - we've been known to keep new does that we buy bred in quarantine until their kids are weaned.  This group consists of 3 weanlings and 2 yearlings.  So far they are adjusting to their new digs pretty well, and they are some brush eating so and sos.  I wish I had a public brush control project where I could take this group because they would do the breed proud. 

Today when Chuck was moving the pen, I was in the truck with the kids, and I snapped pictures of the process.  It really is amazing.  You can see in the foreground how the ground is pretty bare, but there are sticks poking up.  In the background, you can see some pretty thick blackberry bushes, small trees, and whatnot.  The area in the foreground shows what the goats are doing in one to two days, on areas like what is in the background.  They are that fast, and that thorough.  They are eating what they are designed to eat, high off the ground, and are making it easier for us to fence in the future.  Works for us!

Chuck begins to slide the pen backwards into the brush from the spent area

He has learned to turn the shelter upside down

The goats are opportunists, and will use the shed to jump the fence

He continues, as the does watch

more lifting and sliding back into the brush

the goats have already attacked the new forage

almost in place

not sure what he sees, but he checks for cherry trees

flipping the shed upside right

on the way out, goats on fresh ground

stalling out for a moment

a closeup of the thick growth

enjoying a snack of fresh blackberries

back to the truck so we can roll to the next thing

 fed for free for the next day

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  1. I am always so amazed at how the goats can put the hurt on some brush. We have a small area near our barn that we purposely let grow up, so we can turn the goats out on it. We pull up a few chairs under a shade tree and just watch them mow it down. Does that make us weird that's how we entertain ourselves? Lol.... It's amazing. Thanks for sharing all of the photos....Have a great day!