Monday, January 23, 2012

Longstem update

Some of you may be familiar with the tale of baby Longstem - a buckling born last year on a sleety night, to a first time mother. Chuck found him in a puddle and thought he was already dead, but when Chuck lifted him up he let out a tiny bleat. He spent the night on the dashboard of the truck with the defroster running (this will dry off and warm up a hypothermic kid goat, by the way) and given a little colostrum milked from his disoriented mother, and then he was presented back to her the next day. His name came from Annalee's exclamation when she saw the tiny goat in a box, and his long umbilical cord was stretched out beside him. She commented on his long "stem" and the name stuck.

Longstem was a study in what a will to live can overcome. He went to his new home in South Carolina this weekend, and although Annalee was pretty sad to see him go, she is happy he will have a good home. He had overcome an awful lot in the past 10 months. Best wishes to you in your new home, Longstem!

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