Saturday, December 31, 2011

Asking for it...

In posting these few photos, I know I am just asking to get stuck by a horn. After all, I didn't carry my babies particularly elegantly, either. These older girls give me a chuckle, though, and I thought I would share and bring a smile to your morning cup of coffee or late night snack. I can just imagine Bo the Anatolian saying, "man, I just mentioned she put on a little weight over the holidays and you wouldn't believe what she called me." This doe is new to us this year, so we have no idea what this tremendous expanse of girth is going to mean. I expect we will be finding out in the next month.

I really get a smile when I see this next picture. This doe is coming 9 years old, and was our first Purebred doe, purchased at the BBM herd dispersal. The Moores told Chuck she had already had several sets of triplets at that point. She gave us triplets her first year with us and raised them all with no extra bottles. Last year she raised twin does, and this year, we'll see what she gives us, but I would be very surprised if this is a single. She did intimidate a first timer last year, as she had decided she wasn't doing this mothering thing well enough and was trying to adopt the babies herself. We moved her for a day, and then she was content to wait for her own doelings to come.

Chuck learned she isn't afraid to use those horns when he checks her babies, too, but she has become more used to him, and just gives him a stern look of warning and he promises to behave. When we brought her home, Annalee had looked at her and declared we would call her "Marshmallow." It didn't seem like a very appropriate name at the time, as she wagged those impressive horns at all the other goats, who moved quickly and quietly away in deference to her. Now that we see how she looks, when pregnant, like a dollop of Marshmallow fluff dropped off a spoon, we think Annalee pegged her pretty well. She is also one of those goats that always looks like she is sporting a bit of a smile, like the Mona Lisa, if you will. I can't imagine she won't bring a smile to others when they see this latest candid of her.

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