Monday, November 28, 2011

mob grazing

I mentioned how we inadvertently did mini mob grazing with goats by sliding our moving pens around to utilize some of the existing forage in unfenced areas, and to find places to stash some of the goats that didn't fit in a large field for one reason or another (bucklings, new goats in quaratine, etc). Here is a picture Chuck took that shows a piece of the farm that clearly demonstrates the before and after effect. You can see the swath of green grass that curves in the foreground - this is the path left by one of the pens he scooted. The original growth is behind it - grasses, yes - but all full of sticker bushes, poison ivy, broomstraw, and the old timey lespedeza found on so many farms around here. Chuck just looooves moving pens in this area as he is guaranteed a thorn in the toe. He is that odd guy at all the goat sales in shorts, a ball cap, and boat shoes. That is his farm attire in all but the bitterest or soupiest weather, too. Looking at this picture, can you just imagine how you could convert an overgrown old field to a nice pasture for a grass grazing species? Yeah, I want all the cow and horse folks out there to go get 'em a couple Kikos so's they can have a nice pasture...

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