Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Update on Baby Longstem

I had to take pictures of a few goats to email to a potential customer this evening, and I took a few shots of some of the other critters around the farm. Some have suffered from the neglect of our postpartum (Virginia's) neglect (of the goats, not Virginia). Chuck got stuck with total goat duty for the first full month of her life, as we live so far from the farm I just didn't feel comfortable carrying her up there and having to have her sit in the car with the exteme heat out, even with the car running. He frequently did his feeding after dark, and it is hard to keep as close a tabs on everyone as we need to when you can't see them. There were more, however, that were happy as a clam during this time period, and Baby Longstem was among them. He was not weaned as early as he should have been for Louisianna's sake (although she is bouncing back now - all the mommas that weaned late this year got more run down than I like, one more lovely side effect from this brutal heat), but even after weaning he is stout and slick. I would never have thought it that first night of his life, when he was half frozen and couldn't stand. We knew he had an incredible will to live, and this just proves it. He was not terribly cooperative and stood behind the post, but I got a shot of him and his buddy, Bo. Sometimes we find that certain goats just aren't pushy enough in certain groups, and every now and again we accidentally set up someone to get the crap beat out of them and then we have to go back and regroup. Longstem has been a scrapper from the start, though. He would not be denied.

The other little one that is growing on the farm is Virginia. I am still a lot more conservative with her up there than Chuck, because I'm not sure I would have done this, but when I came up the hill from taking goat pictures, I found the rest of the family changing the tire on the tractor, Virginia included.

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