Sunday, March 27, 2011

Serious getting sick weather...

And Louisianna is ripe as can be and will probably kid out tonight since they're calling for sleet and snow. That's right folks, after weeks of mild and sometimes downright gorgeous weather creeping up towards eighty, we're having a hard chill and cold precipitation with it. That's one of the things that makes this area a challenge. When North Carolina is beautiful, you can't beat it, but spring and fall often have huge temperature swings that kill budding trees (I mean dead - we had one year with a few weeks of high temps in January, followed by lows down near zero - we lost a big beautiful Japanese maple that year. The tender leaves just melted and it never recovered) and can really stress livestock and humans alike. Last week the goats were hot and panting and trying to loosen their winter coats, and today, I could tell they were wishing more of that hair was on them and less on the fence. I get worried with weather like this, especially with young critters. Louisianna had come over to see if Chip had anything good to offer. I had him in a snow suit and heavy coat. Maybe I got carried away, but I was freezing.

Speaking of freezing, here are a few pictures of some miserable puffed up varmints today.

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