Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Token Doe

Well, today brought the first doe of the season. We bought a 2002 daughter of Tasman Aristocrat at the AKGA sale, figuring it would be a bit of a gamble if she would present us with kids or not. I don't know her kidding history, or if she has always been bred naturally or if she has ever been flushed. All we knew was that she was a good bodied doe with a really nice udder for her age. Today, Ivy had a 9 lb doe kid, white as the snow still laying on the ground in her field. If I could get a few more years worth of kids out of her, I will happily take a single doe each time. Hope we get another one next year. Chuck also discovered that Ivy is a very protective mother. The kid was hard to catch on her own, and Ivy trying to clobber Chuck just added to the excitement. I think the funniest thing that happened to him last year was the mama goat that bit him several times when he was looking at her babies. These latest pictures are unfortunately a bit grainy because Chuck is having to use the zoom on his camera phone. Nobody up there is appreciating him much these last few days.

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