Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, on this day of family and feasting, with all the craziness of the past few years and the promise of even more to come... I wanted to take a moment to thank all of the people who have helped us learn to care for our goats and everyone who has bought goats from us. It is so easy to lose sight, as we hustle and bustle, struggle through the tough times and rejoice in the wonderful ones, of all we have for which to be thankful. I am so blessed to have the opportunity to work on land that has seen our family through hundreds of Thanksgivings. My husband and I are blessed to have two wonderful, healthy, vibrant (sometimes a bit too vibrant) children to share it all with. Wishing a wonderful Thanksgiving to all of you...

MJ, Chuck, Annalee, and Chip...

Enjoy your feast!

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