Friday, July 30, 2010

the July kid

Connie's doe kid is still growing, although we have thought a couple times she might have been a coyote snack. Chuck could not find where Connie had her hidden away, so we thought when the tree fell across the fence and shorted it, an opportunistic predator may have taken advantage of the situation. Last weekend we took Bo, the Anatolian puppy, to the country to become acquainted with his future territory. We put him in "area 3" and set about our business putting one of those portable sheds together to cover some hay. About an hour later, I walked down the hill and hollered and hollered - but, no Bo. In my efforts to find him, I found the tiny cave under a huge pile of pushed in sticks where Connie's doeling had been hidden safely away. It took Chuck another hour or so to find Bo, who had found a nice cool spot next to a stump about in the middle of the woods, and who had no real intention of leaving that nice cool spot (did I mention we picked the day with the 110 degree heat index to do all this?). Within the past few days Connie's doeling has started to join the group, mainly full of long yearlings and mature does being bred for December and January kids.

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